Hi babes,

I am back! Todays video is in collaboration with DOBI.ch. And I am showing you 3 very simple and cute hairstyles. In this Video I am using the amazing products from amika:.

Let’s go over each product I used and give you a little run down on them.

Amika: The Antidote Silk-wrap styler: With it’s nano silk technology the styler is helps you achieve that beautiful shiny hair style. No matter if you use it to straighten your hair or as I did to curl them. It’s heats up in seconds so you don’t lose time while waiting for it to get hot. Amazing Product! Would 100% recommend.

Amika: Heat Defense Serum: amazing to use for before using heat on your hair. And together with the Straightener your hair looks fab and is not getting damaged by the heat! Nothing more to add, tbh 😛

Next I used the Amika: Un.Done Texture Spray to give the curls some umpf 🙂 Also love to use it when you want some volume back in your hair.

Then we have the Amika: Glass action universal elixir. I love this one so much. It brings back that shine and if your hair is dry or damaged it makes it look healthy again and also nourished the hair so it can actually get healthy again 😀

These are all the products I used. Go watch the video if you haven’t already and also check out the products because they’re amazing and there is much more than I used!

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Hello everyone ❤

today I am showing you 5 of my favorite and super easy Hairstyles I love to wear throughout summer. The Voiceover in the Video is in Swissgerman but really you can watch the video with no audio and will understand how I created the styles.

This Video is in collaboration with DOBI.ch and they sent me the amazing REF Stockholm Products. What I like about the products is, that first of all they’re all vegan! So great right and second they really hold what they promise.

Before I startet the styles I made sure to curl my hair and of course protect my hair by using the REF Heat Protection spray It is important to protect your hair when you are using styling tools. And after my hair was curled I secured the curls with the REF Flexible spray.

For hairstyle 1 I used the REF Shine Spray at the end to bring some shine into my hair and make it look as healthy as possible.

In Hairstyle 3 I used the REF Ocean Mist to first bring back some volume and messiness. In the end I sprayed some REF Thickening Spray into my ends to make it look even messier.

In Hairstyle 4 I used the Shinespray again in the end to “stick” back my little babyhairs on my head and last I used REF Ocean Mist one last time for the last Hairstyle.

Eventhough I used so many products, I still felt like in the end of the Video my hair was still looking healthy and beautiful and in no way sticky or dirty. And my hair stayed put throughout the entire day and night!

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and the looks and I’ll see you next time! Don’t forget to subscribe and like 😛

Thank you so much DOBI, I love the products and will definitely be using them a lot.

xo. Saskia