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Haaay guuuys!

Summer break is coming closer and closer. I’m so excited for these vacations. My friend Deborah and I are spending our holidays in Rimini this year. What are you guys doing this summer? Travelling somewhere or staying at home?

As you can see on my previous looks and also this look, you notice that I love my Levis shorts so much. They’re just so simple and look great with everything.

I decided to wear a simple outfit, just a white shirt and my beloved jeans with a golden bracelet, combined with a white boyfriend blazer and my plateau shoes. Lo and behold my outfit has been created.

What do you think of this look?



Hello lovelies

So today I am in the mood for some boyfriend jeans. I got these jeans from my sister Vanessa, lucky me & thanks sis!

For me the jeans look very cool but also classy if you combine it with the right things. I thought it would look nice if I wear my beautiful lace top to it and combine it with red accessories.

(Ah and by the way, we got a new lounge and I am totally in love with this photo location.)

What do you think of this look? Leave me a comment and don’t forget to follow on Instagram for more pictures.

Loves & best wishes to you all


Boyfriend Jeans : Front Row Shop 3


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Pink flower blouse (Bershka)
Lace shorts (Tally)
Shoes (Zara)
Backpack (Asos)

Summer is finally back in Switzerland and only 5 weeks till summer break, yay!

In this post I’m wearing a pretty cute outfit. I love the combination of these two colours, they look so summery . And what do you think of my shoes? I really love them!

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S.C. ❤



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White shorts (Tally)

Check blouse (MISAKO)

Chucks (Converse)

Hello lovelies

I’ve finally finished my final exams, so I had a lot time to do some shopping and shootings with my sister.

So as you can see I’ve chosen a very simple but still cute look for the summer.

With these white shorts, your skin seems much more tanned, and the check shirt brings a little country in my outfit.

All together with chucks and the simple comfy but still cool outfit was created.

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Levis shorts 501
Cardigan (Tally Weijl)

“Well another day passed and I didn’t use algebra once.”

Thank god, I finally had my final exam in math, this means I can forget about all these thousands of formulas. No more maths, at least for the next year.

Next week I have to show my knowledge about European history 😦 HELP MEEE!

Even if I have so much to do, I found the time to take some pics with my sister Vanessa (The Vogue Word).

What do you think about this look?

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Lace Top (Sheinside)
Leggings with snake print (Zara)
Jeans jacket (H&M)
Carrera sunglasses (Carrera)

Hello everyone!

Even though I should have been revising for my final exams, which are coming soon, I went outside with my sister Vanessa to shoot our outfits.

Last night we celebrated my father’s 50th birthday and the motto of the party was: “BLACK AND WHITE”.

Therefore I decided to wear this look:

I combined this cute lace top with these cheeky Leggings with snake print.

Matching to my rather sporty style, I thought it looks good to combine my white jeans jacket and air max with the more or less elegant top and leggings.

But now it’s time to study, study, study… keep your fingers crossed for me

& let me know what you think about this look.

xoxo – S.







Shoes (Converse)
Shorts (Levis)
Jean Jacke (H&M)
T-shirt (Stradivarius
Backpack (Asos)

Hey guys ❤

What do you think about this outfit?

Kisses S.

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Sunglasses (Carrera)
Statement Necklace (Rarelove)
Top (Zara)
White Tye Dye Shorts (Tally weijl)
Shoes (Zara)

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was a very cold day so my best friend Alessia and I decided to do some shopping at the mall. I always try to write down what I want to buy, but in the end I’ll find everything but these things I was actually looking for. Can you guys relate?

Yesterday I saw these hot pants and I just had to try them on. In my opinion these pants are perfect for the summer. Why shall we always wear some grey and black looks? Just have the courage to bring some fresh colours into your outfit.

What do you think? Do you like this outfit or is this something you would never wear?

Kisses SC.




Purse (Chicwish)
Jeans (H&M)
Air max (Nike)
Leather jacket (Zebra)
Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban)

Hello everyone!

I was browsing through my pictures and this look is just that kind of outfit I love to wear in everyday life. The jeans are so cheeky and I love this leather jacket since ever. The Air Max are very comfy and I’m honest I wear them almost every day for School. To give this casual look a little pep, I combined the lovely red scarf and the beautiful purse from Chicwish with it.

What do you think about this look?

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Kisses SC. ❤





Boyfriend Jeans (Zara)
Red blazer (H&M)
Sunglasses (Ray-Ban)
Black pumps

Hello everyone!

Here you can see one of my favourite outfits. I’m totally in love with these boyfriend jeans even if it’s hard to combine them. I think they look perfect with this red blazer and with the black pumps.

With this combination the jeans don’t look so masculine and it’s a great outfit to go to the city for some shopping or meet friends.

Let me know what you think about it ❤