Hello guys

It’s me again, Saskia


We’ve all seen the popular ombre lips all over our social media. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Weheartit are filled with different kind of ombre lips. So I wanted to try them out and give you some tips how to make them look fancy and wearable on an everyday basis or for a great night look.

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Hello lovelies ❤

The cold and windy weather makes me miss summer. (But happily Christmas is not that far away anymore. ) So I decided to post some older pictures from last Summer in Viareggio to bring the warm summer feeling back. Continue reading


Hello lovelies ❤

As I already mentioned in my last post. On the November 4th I had the possibility to travel to New York with my sister Vanessa and my father. And I thought it would be cool to tell you a bit where we went at, what we saw and what we did there. Don’t wonder if the pictures are not such a high quality as they usually are, I took the photos mostly with my Samsung Galaxy S6 camera. I hope you enjoy the pics. Continue reading