Hello lovelies ❤

As I already mentioned in my last post. On the November 4th I had the possibility to travel to New York with my sister Vanessa and my father. And I thought it would be cool to tell you a bit where we went at, what we saw and what we did there. Don’t wonder if the pictures are not such a high quality as they usually are, I took the photos mostly with my Samsung Galaxy S6 camera. I hope you enjoy the pics. Continue reading

Hey lovelies ❤

Sun is up, it’s getting warmer and warmer, after my exchange in the windy France I was happy to come home to this wonderful weather.
What a perfect possibility, to take some pics of this cute outfit.

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Hello lovelies ❤

Spring is getting closer and closer and so are my final exams. So much is going on in my life right now. Exchanges, tests and I also started with driving lessons :O I finally found some time to shoot my Outfits but it’s getting heavier to find the time to post.

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Hello lovelies, long time – no see ❤

Sorry for this long time not posting, my life was pretty stressy the last weeks and I had to concentrate on so much other things.
But now I got time to find new winter looks and I will post them the next days and weeks.

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Hallo ihr Lieben ❤

Wie bereits angekündigt starte ich jetzt mit der “Black and White” Serie, in der es darum geht ganze Outfits nur mit diesen beiden Farben zu kreieren.
Hier haben wir einen etwas schickeren Look, wobei der Mantel dem ganzen Outfit die Eleganz gibt.

Zu welchem Anlass würdet Ihr dieses Outfit tragen?

Hello lovelies ❤

As announced before, I’m starting with the new “Black and White” series, which contains outfits only created out of these two colours.
Here we have a chic look, in which the coat gives the elegance to this outfit.

When would you wear this Outfit?