Hello and welcome!

Introduction Interview

Who are you?
My name is Saskia Ciliberto and I am 22 years young, living in the German part of Switzerland.

What do you do?
In Summer 2015 I started my economics studies at „University“ and from now on I have about one and a half years to go.

What is your Blog about?
There are so many blogs out there and I am aware of that. Anyways, I am a normal human being (wow) that loves Beauty, Fashion and Health-style blogs. Instead of just following and reading other blogs or watching thousand or millions of YouTube videos, I decided to run my own.

But you already started this blog some time ago?
Yes this is true and I must say, I didn’t think everything through that time.
I started my blog with only Fashion-posts, whilst my real passion is Beauty. Last year, my sister Vanessa gave me the opportunity to start a beauty-series on her blog THEVOGUEWORD, which went really good.

But I still felt like, something’s missing. So I started to brainstorm and thinking of all the things I love to read and watch, to find out how I really wanted my blog to be. I came to the conclusion, that I really love watching YouTube videos about Beauty, Foods and Fashion. Well I know to make Videos on the Internet scares a lot of people, so it scares me.

I will try, or better, I want to include videos, gifs more often. Happily there are no boundaries in how to shape a blog. I just want to give you a variety of styles and one day maybe I’ll find my favorite one and stay with one. ( If anyone of you knows what bullet journaling means, I am going with that vibe, knowing blogs are kind of journals.)

Is there still something you’d like to say?
I just want you to remember I am not a make-up artist, or Stylist or Food expert. I am a student on a certain budget. I just want to show you all the things I like and all the things that make my life easier or could make your life easier.

Thank you and hopefully you enjoy the stay on my blog.

Yours Sincerely.

Saskia Ciliberto

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