How to motivate yourself to study


As some of you know, I am studying for my exams. In two weeks I have to be ready and stay motivated till then. But I am always struggling with this motivation thingy. So that’s why I was researching for some good tipps to stay motivated.

  1. The first thing starts even before you have to study. I think all of us do write notes during the semester. I know while you listen to your teacher you won’t be able to write pretty notes and still capture everything that he’s teaching you. What I suggest, is to write down everything on your notebook and then rewrite it at home. It’s not just to have prettier notes, it will help you to remember everything and delve into the subject way easier. When the time has come to study and learn the notes, the information on your notes won’t be new to you and you will be able to read through those informations way quicker and easier without being distracted by the rushed and ugly notes you had before. That’s why I suggest you to rewrite everything. Use pretty colors and keep the notes fun and informative. So you will be motivated to read through those again.


  1. So the time is here. You need to find a place to study. Make sure to think good where you are able to concentrate the most. Maybe it’s your room, maybe your backyard or maybe it’s at School. Make sure to find a place where the lighting is good and there is no distracting noise. If you study in your room, make sure to clean up before. So you won’t get the need to clean during your study time (which happened to me all the time).

    Get up. Clear your desk. Tie your hair, and just start.

  2. You need a lot of energy to concentrate and study properly. Prepare yourself some healthy snacks and a lot of water. Stay away from sweets and sugared drinks. No energy drinks for you! They may boost your energy for a few minutes but after this “high” is gone you will be way more tired than before. If you like some flavored water, add fruits to your water.
  3. No distractions! You love twitter and co. because it always entertains you. But it’s your biggest enemy when it comes to studying. Turn off your phone if possible or at least tell your friends to only bother you if it is very important. No Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter! Try to concentrate on your work, and you will be more efficient and effective.

    The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

  4. If you don’t like absolute quietness then it’s OK to turn on some music in the background! But watch out, stay away from your favorite songs and good lyrics, they will distract you from fully concentrating. Listen to some piano music or instrumental music. Check out Spotify they have a ton of Study-Music-Playlists.
  5. Schedule your days and set goals for every day. So you will know when your day was efficient and you won’t be learning without knowing when it’s time to stop.

    I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

  6. Take breaks! Breath, walk or stretch. Drink and eat if necessary but make sure to always take breaks so your brain can recover and later on absorb more information.
  7. Reward yourself. If you reached a goal, reward your self later. Maybe it’s a good dinner. Maybe it’s an episode of your favorite TV show or just meeting your friends. Do whatever you think you deserve after reaching your daily goal.
  8. Just start! Don’t wait another 20 minutes to start. Start now and do the best you can. You will thank yourself later.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started

I hope these tipps will help some of you ❀

Have a wonderful week



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  1. This certainly doesn’t make me miss school haha! But it definitely would’ve been helpful while I was in classes! Maybe I can find some way to apply it to my blog work πŸ˜‰

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