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Currently I was thinking of a new Blogpost. Of course in the beginning I automatically thought of a Fashion or Beauty post. But not today. I want to switch it up a little and am sure you don’t mind either.


So you all may have noticed that the world is super into fitness and health and so am I. My boyfriend is Vegetarian and his whole family is wether Vegi or Vegan. They really showed me how to stay healthy.Collage_Fotor_Fotor

Some of you may have seen on my Instagram @saskiaciliberto, that I have tried to eat Vegan for one week. I really enjoyed the experience but I must commit, that I am not totally into it and right now I am not switching. I reduced eating meat and too much dairy just because it’s unhealthy and not necessary. But I still do eat normal. I just realized that right now while I study it is way to difficult to find something to eat near university. You need time to prepare everything at home because other ways you won’t be able to eat a healthy balanced Vegan meal. Here you see the posts I did while this week and how I felt. But I must say, I am a pretty sweet tooth, but that week I did not really need to eat sweets and stuff, my body was totally happy with what he got.

Well eating is one thing and of course very important. Last year I wanted to lose some weight and started to track my calories. And I did really lose weight that time because I created a calorie deficit. The problem with that was, that I usually eat a lot, and I do need a lot of food. I did count calories and was allowed to eat 1300 cal per day. I did not feel good the whole day. I was hungry, grumpy and kind of depressed. I did eat healthy but just was not able to get enough energy out of my meal. That’s why I quit counting and just startet eating as much as I want but as healthy as I can (most of the times hahah). If you are yet interested in knowing which app I was using, I used Fitnesspal. I really don’t want to say counting calories is a bad thing, I just realized that it is nothing for me. Maybe I did go a little over-the-top by reducing my calories a lot and maybe it can help some of you just control their macros and stuff like that.

Another thing is drinking. You should drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and kind of detox your body. Yep, you will need to use the bathroom a little more often but believe me you will feel more energy the whole day.

Beside eating and drinking, working out and fitness is very important. I am honest, I don’t go to the gym that often and don’t workout everyday. But I try to stay fit and even if I don’t go to the gym at least do some exercises at home. For this I always use Youtube! Here I have three of my favorite Fitness YouTuber. They have several workouts and great exercises you can easily do at home.


So this was it so far, there is a lot more to say of course but that’s something I will continue. Did you enjoy  it?

And please let me know about your favorite Fitness YouTuber? ❤

24 thoughts on “Health and Fitness

  1. It’s so great that you tried being vegan! I was vegan for a long time but my body couldn’t cope very well (I have Crohn’s also), so that sucks, but I did feel amazing when I was on it. It does wonders for your skin.

    Little Moon Elephant


  2. I have been so unmotivated to work out recently, I just can’t seem to get into the swing of it, so annoying! You have a lovely blog here too by the way, well done on all your hard work pretty lady! x


  3. Love this post babe! I must say I am doing the complete opposite as I find the Keto “diet” works best for me but I couldn’t agree more with you about drinking water! Keep it up!


  4. I recently got a cute water bottle to try and tempt me to drink more water – so far it’s working. I’ll sometimes add lemon juice or fruit infusions to make it “yummier”! As for fitness YouTube channels, I love Blogilates and Tone It Up!

    Stephanie //


  5. Love this post! I am 100% into fitness and watching what I eat, (although I am French and binge on gluten and cheese everyday!!), but I don’t drink enough water for sure…I really gotta try to drink more, I just don’t think of it!


    1. Did you know there are several apps that help remind you of drinking? I’ve had one too in the beginning and with time you don’t need it anymore and drink all the time 💞


  6. Ugh, I need to drink WAY more water than I currently do. I should probably eat healthier too.. But one thing at a time! ha! 🙂


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