Huge Beauty Haul

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Hi guys! Well it’s spring and yes I had some cravings haha. but no not for chocolate or other sweets, this time I craved new Palettes and Beauty products.

Since years I honestly refused to buy myself several Palettes, because I thought I’d never use that much colors. But lately I realized, I need some new colors to create some more fresh and colorful looks. But besides Palettes I also got some other great things. Just keep reading.

Morphe Palettes
Yes, I finally got my handy on these two babies. Since I can think of I always wanted to try out the Morphe Palettes and I did.paleette.jpgLeft 35B, Right 35O
I really really love both palettes, because of their variety of shades and because of their pigmentation, yes they’re freaking pigmented I promise! I know the Colorful on 35B is maybe a little to extreme for some of you, but I always wanted one palette with several extreme colors in it, because you never know if you ever gonna need one. And the 35O well I don’t think I have to say that much, I love it! great variety of matts, and shimmery shadows and of course the colors are gorgeous for a lot of occasions.


Another thing I’ve got, is this Illuminated Highlighter from Urban Decay. Well it’s not really a highlighter, it is literally just shimmer. Don’t get me wrong, it is gorgeous! you can apply it over your highlighter or just use it to give your look a little shimmer. But to actually highlight, it’s not suitable.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUrban Decay Primer Potion – Original
I finally bought myself a eyeshadow primer!
Of course it had to be one from Urban Decay and I honestly can’t complain.
I love the kind of stickyness it leaves on your lid, that makes your shadows stay all day and night. Little tip, never apply it before concealer if you tend to go over your lid with de concealer. It gets very messy and sticky. Try to avoid putting any other product on your lid before and after priming (except for shadow and stuff like that).

I am not really a lipstick fanatic, but sometimes I just need to find new colors. I usually tend to buy very very dark lipsticks or just nude ones. But this time I got myself some reddish/ pinky colors. As you can see the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Kristen is a gorgeous shade. But to be honest her lip kits don’t work for me at all. They are so dry that my lips look crusty and ugly after a few minutes. Maybe it’s because I naturally tend to get dry lips but for me it’s not really working.

And below you can see I got two from Maybelline New York. I really really love the consistency, even though they’re matte, they don’t dry my lips out at all. And of course the colors are beautiful.Collage_Fotor.jpg

The Peach PalettesCollage_Fotorpeach.jpg

Yes, I am crazy. I got myself both peach palettes and I love both in a different way. If you want to know what I think of the Kylie Royal peach palette just check out my recent post “Peachy look – Royal Peach Palette“. Well but I didn’t talk about the too Faced Sweet peach palette yet. Yes it smells amazing! And yes I love the pigmentation and colors. with this palette you can create so many different looks and I honestly love it!


I finally found a scent that suits me. I have so much trouble with perfumes because they never smell good on my skin. But on Valentines day DKNY sell this special Valentines Day edition called “Be Tempted- eau so blush” but I guess they still sell it. If you are interested in a new, fresh and springy scent go check it out.

So guys this was it with my haul. I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe got inspired.






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