Peachy wishlist


Hello Beauties ❤
Well spring is near and I am craving to get new Beauty products.

  1. Iconic: Illuminator
  2.  Too Faced: Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
  3. Kylie Cosmetics: Koko K. Lip Kit
  4. Red&Cherry: Wispy Lashes
  5. Too Faced: Sweet Peach Palette
  6. Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion

As you may know, I am a student, what means I can’t afford all the Products I’d love to try out. That’s why I am wishing and dreaming and of course saving to hopefully get these products soon. Maybe you are looking for a good gift or just some inspiration to try out new articles.

Hope you enjoyed!


9 thoughts on “Peachy wishlist

  1. Cool! Thanks for the response! I’m really interested in how the Kylie lipgloss turns out! I bought a similar lipgloss from NYX a few weeks ago and this one wasn’t as dry as I thought. We’ll see ❤


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