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Hello guys.
Let’s talk about brows a little. Nowadays it’s a must to master the perfect Insta-brows. I’m honest with you, I look like a clown when I even try to do my brows like these Baddies on Instagram.


So I stopped trying to make them look like theirs and started to find my ways to make my brows look good.
I want to show you four ways I love to do my brows.

bildschirmfoto-2017-02-08-um-16-20-22One way is to use a Brow-pencil and start with drawing lines on top and on the bottom of the brow. And then gently fill them in by small and fine stripes. You can vary between doing some heavy brows by filling them in a lot or just stay with the natural ones. Don’t forget to brush them out after making them look smoother and more natural.

bildschirmfoto-2017-02-08-um-16-17-54The other possibility is to use powder. I like to fill in my brows with eyeshadow or brow powder to make them look filled in but still natural. I love to use one eyeshadow in the NYX palette (The Runway Collection). Fortunately I found this color and it perfectly fits my brow-colour.

Here you see both methods. On the left you see the brows filled in with the pencil and on the right there is the one filled in with the powder. Just to show you the slight differences.gelandmasc

Other two methods I really like are to use gel-liner or just an eyebrow gel mascara.


bildschirmfoto-2017-02-08-um-16-19-38I discovered the brow gel just a few weeks ago, and I already really love to use it. It makes the brows look beautiful and bold and just frames the eyes perfectly, without in my opinion looking to “fake”.

bildschirmfoto-2017-02-08-um-16-18-41Other than that I also do like to use a simple brow gel mascara just to fill them in a little without spending long time to do my brows. (Essence Make me brow)


Here a comparison of the two varieties. On the left you see the brow mascara and on the right the gel liner.

That were the four ways i like to do my brows.
If you wished to see a whole tutorial on how I do my brows, let me know in the comments.





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    1. Actually once I ordered one, but not from the official site. So maybe it was fake eventhough it costed the same haha. But yes that one was really dry on my lips too, but recently I ordered one from Kyliecosmetics and I’ll let you know if it is too dry πŸ™‚


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