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Hey folks, Saskia talking.
The last few weeks I had the chance to try new products and I’d like to show you my favorites.


Caudalie_Riche_KleinerFirstly I’d like to show you my two favorite face moisturizer. I have very dry skin on my face especially on the cheek-area I have quite dry but still sensitive skin. But my T-zone is still sometimes oily so I can’t use a moisturizer that is too oily. I got this great cream from CAUDALIE and I have to say it’s working miracles. On my cheeks I had to deal with some very dry spots and with this cream all these spots disappeared and my skin feels now so good and fine. But it isn’t oily or something, I can apply it on the whole face and my skin does not break out on the T-zone what it would do if the cream is to oily.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that has to deal with dry skin. But of course they have many other products for other skin. Try it out if you are still looking for a good moisturizer for your face.

2011-02-Kiehls-Rosa-ArcticaAnother option is this product from KIEHL’S.
I use this cream since 5 months now and it really made my skin way healthier than it was before. And if you are not sure which cream to get from Kiehl’s I can say the staff can help you very well, just tell them how your skin is and they’ll find the matching products for you.


Collage_Fotor1Urban Decay Vice Reloaded and Vice4

I am in love with both of these palettes. The colors are so pigmented and you can use these colors for every season of the year. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With these two palettes I have all colors I really need for everyday looks or night looks.


In summer and spring I love to wear bright and sparkly colors aswell. This Carli Bybel Palette is great. I love the shimmery colors and they are also so pigmented and lovely on every skin color. And the four colors on/at the bottom are meant as highlighter but also look great as eyeshadow. I will show you a great Summer look with this palette on my sister soon.

Hightlighter and Bronzer


Two new pieces that I really like are the Highlighter and Bronzer from the new spring and summer collection of Urban decay.

They are very light on your skin and perfect for the hot summer days.

The Beached Bronzer looks like a light tan on your face and not so harsh as some bronzer do.

And the Afterglow Highlighter gives you a wonderful shimmer and glow. Perfect for summer and spring.

That were all the products I wanted to show you. I love these things because they really work. I wouldn’t recommend anything if I was not convinced about them. And if you have any questions to the products, feel free to ask in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I need to find a good product for my super dry skin! Therefore I might try the Kiehls products 🙂


    Wow! Deine Pläne fürs Neue Jahr sind ja spannend 🙂
    Toll dass du mit deiner Musik durchstarten willst! Und wo gehts denn hin in Südostasien?

    Liebe Grüsse



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