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We’ve all seen the popular ombre lips all over our social media. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Weheartit are filled with different kind of ombre lips. So I wanted to try them out and give you some tips how to make them look fancy and wearable on an everyday basis or for a great night look.


The simple ombre lip, from the dark to the bright color.

  1. Moisturize. As important as it is to moist you face and body, as important it is to take care of your lips. Use a lip balm every evening before you go to bed, use a lip scrub or make one by yourself with sugar and honey (just mix it together and rub it gently into your lips) to peel off any dead skin on your lips.
  2. Choose a liner and one lipstick (Matte colors work very well with this technique) , you can also add a highlighter. Your liner has to be darker than the other colors. Choose two and eventually three different colors, that look good together. To start your look you have to remove any balm and “dirt” from your lips. Than start with lining your lips with the darker lipliner. As you can see on the second photo.
  3. Blend the color inwards but try to leave a little space for the lighter lipstick. This step doesn’t have to be perfect.
  4. Add the lighter lipstick to the space and press your lips together and blend with your finger or with a brush to create smooth transitions.
  5. Next step is optional. If you want it, to be more visible you can add a highlighter in the middle of your lips. Me for example like to use a very very light matte liquid lipstick, just one or two dots and than blend it in gently. But you can use any lighter color or highlighter you like.
  6. If you want, you can fix your lipstick around your lips with concealer to make it look nice and neat.

This is the way you create the simple ombre lip. If you want to make it more dramatic oder just extremer, use big differences in the shades you use.

I hope this post helps you, and maybe I was able to motivate you to try them on yourself.

Byebye, Saskia

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