My summer must-haves

Hello guys,
Beauty-talk with Saskia is back,
I am finally back from holidays and today I’ve got some of my favorite summer must-haves and tips for you how to protect your body and face and look good with less makeup on.

So we all know even when summertime can be very hot and honestly we all sweat so much this time, we don’t want to walk around bare face all the time.
Therefore I am starting with the face products and tips that I have for you.

If you feel good going to the beach or the pool without any makeup on, you rock girl.
But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to prepare your face for the hot day. Make sure to use sunscreen on your face, because if you burn your pretty nose or other parts of your face you won’t look that natural glowing anymore because your burned skin is going to peel off and that doesn’t look nice. Here I got some sunscreen that are not to oily for your skin but still protects it from the UV.Collage_Fotor 2

Now to us girls that don’t want to walk around bare faced. Important here is also to protect your skin. I especially like to use sunscreen on my face and put a BB cream over it, just to even out my skin tone a little bit. Of course there are also tinted creams with SPF in it. Please make sure not to put to much makeup on your face because if you do, you gonna fill up your pores and get nasty little pimple and blackheads on your face, and you don’t want that right?

Collage_Fotor1 2

After sun make sure to moisturize your face and also lips. I prefer these two products the most to do that. Caudalie Vinosource Creme Fondante Nourissante for the skin, which I already showed on one of my last skincareposts and for them lips I love to use Carmex because it heals your lips and makes them smooth and nice.

Sometimes we feel like our eyes don’t have enough Expression and that’s totally normal. Usually we rock some eyeliner and eyeshadow and stuff like this around the eyes. If you want to make your eyes pop a little more without putting on to much, just use some waterproof mascara (So it won’t come of when you go in the water or sweat) and maybe if that’s not enough, tight-line your lash line so it looks like you’re wearing no makeup but your eyes still gonna look beautiful.

And in the evening we all like to dress up and beat that face with some nice make-up. I am going to show you some of my make-up must-haves that made me look very fancy these holidays.

Collage_Fotordf 2Body
Now we move on to the body. As important as it is to protect your face you also have to protect your body from burning. Use a sunscreen and when you’re at the beach and you feel a little burn somewhere where you already put sunscreen on , just put a little more to make sure. And no worries if you wanna tan a little more, use a bronzing oil after putting on your usual protection.

After sunbathing make sure to put aftersun lotion on an keep your body moisturized.

When you’re spending the whole day in the sun don’t forget to drink a lot. your body loses so much water while sweating, make sure to stay hydrated.

I am moving on to another favorite of mine that has nothing to do with protecting your body. I found these super cute flash-tattoos and with a little tan they look so amazing on your skin.

That were all the products and tips I wanted to show you, I hope I helped you with this post and I wish you a wonderful summer and a great time ❤

Much love – Saskia ❤

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