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Hello lovelies ❤

Last September I started my studies at university of science. I know I told you to post recently and I’m so sorry for not posting. I hope you’re not to mad at me and still enjoy my next posts.

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I visited New York for the first time. It was amazing and of course there was nothing to prevent me from shopping till all my money was gone xD.

Here you can see two of my favorite pieces I bought in New York City this November.
The first one is the Levis jacket. You must know that the weather here in Switzerland quickly changed from a pretty hot November to an ice-cold winter. But I can affirm that this jacket seems pretty thin, but the sheepskin makes it warmer than any other coats in my closet. At the moment I prefer this jacket because it doesn’t look like winter wear but still gives the right amount of warmth. To this I combined my favorite piece from a New Yorker store. It’s the New York Yankee shirt. I must admit, I am not a Baseball fan but when I saw the shirt in-between all the Yankee merchandise I had to buy it.
Now to the shoes. I know many of you all have these adidas originals and I am not someone who follows the trends all the time but when I first saw these shoes on Tumblr and Instagram I had to have these babies. And I waited for about two months to get those just because they were sold-out in every store I went in.
And at the end I added my big wine-red scarf just because it’s too cold not to wear one 🙂

Let me know what you think about this outfit ❤


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