Ripped black jeans

Hello lovelies ❤

How’s it going? It’s getting very cold outside and we have to dress a little warmer. But warmer clothes can also be fancy. So here my new favourite outfit.

I fell in love with the ripped jeans. I was looking for a pair of jeans and just saw these… I had to buy them! I combined it with this beautiful dark red coat. And do you like the boots? I really love the combination of the colours I chose.

And look! Maybe you know for usual I don’t wear jewellery. The reason is that I never know what to buy. These lovely necklace and bracelets are all from The Boutique Minimaliste! I love their range! You should really take a look at it.

What do you like most on my outfit? Let me know ❤

Xoxo Saskia1510