Black and white

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Lace Top (Sheinside)
Leggings with snake print (Zara)
Jeans jacket (H&M)
Carrera sunglasses (Carrera)

Hello everyone!

Even though I should have been revising for my final exams, which are coming soon, I went outside with my sister Vanessa to shoot our outfits.

Last night we celebrated my father’s 50th birthday and the motto of the party was: “BLACK AND WHITE”.

Therefore I decided to wear this look:

I combined this cute lace top with these cheeky Leggings with snake print.

Matching to my rather sporty style, I thought it looks good to combine my white jeans jacket and air max with the more or less elegant top and leggings.

But now it’s time to study, study, study… keep your fingers crossed for me

& let me know what you think about this look.

xoxo – S.